Focus on full document cycle

We sort documents by type, read and upload them, structure each document, turn documents into a table with key data and compare them to each other. We do complex post-processing (collation, bundles, intelligent search).

A non-technical user can easily add new document types for free and train them on a small number of examples.
на отдельные

Извлечение данных из документов

Проверка контрольных правил
Вывод данных и документов через UI

Исправления сотрудников
улучшают модели

Receiving documents
Splitting into separate documents
Collation, bundles, business rules verification,
intelligent search

Our Features

  • Sorting Documents
    - Defining the type of document
    - Splitting files into separate documents
    - Changing the page order
    Interface for sorting documents: defining the type of document, splitting a file into separate documents, reordering pages
  • Interface for extracting data from structured and unstructured documents without templates
    Extracting Data
    - Extracting data from documents without templates
    - Supporting unstructured documents and complex tables
  • Storing and Searching
    - Documents are easily found
    by requisites
    - Sorting and filtering
    Interface for storing, sorting and filtering documents, for searching documents by requisites
  • Interface for creating and editing a document type, in which you can correct the name and type of the field and see the current quality of the field
    Editing the Document Type
    - Support of list fields and integration with directories
    - Post-processing formulas can be added (classification, intelligent search)
  • Simple Formulas
    - Creating formulas for performing mathematical and other operations
    - Formulas can consist of constants, post-processing, operators (logical and mathematical), functions

    Interface for creating formulas for performing mathematical and other operations for document post-processing
  • Interface for creating formulas for intelligent search of documents by requisites
    for Intelligent
    Formulas for intelligent
    document search by requisites
  • Document Comparison (Differences)
    - Showing differences between documents, including scans and draft documents
    - Creating versions of documents from the incoming flow
    Interface for comparing two documents of different formats for differences with or without case sensitivity and spaces
  • Interface for comparing two documents of different formats for matches with or without regard to case and spaces
    Document Comparison (Matches)
    Showing matches between documents, including different formats.
  • Bundles
    Document bundles are automatically formed. The user can manually correct them.
    Switching between multiple documents in a bundle
  • Interface for marking one field over multiple documents to increase the speed of document verification
    Active Learning
    Marking the same field
    over multiple documents,
    which increases verification
    by 2-3 times.
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Alexey Stolbunov,
Development Manager
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Telegram: @stolbunov